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Rita Marie Conway

Artist Statement

        "I paint what I live. Painting to me is a release of love, happiness, pain, every emotion you can imagine. The process can make my soul come completely undone that I can find myself laughing or crying upon my creation. Most of my work has 1, 2 or 3 paintings underneath them. I'm realizing the more I paint, my soul needs to release a few layers before the final creation is done. My mind, body and spirit absolutely loves painting it all out. When I do, it heals me. Painting ultimately for me is a way to share my love."

About Rita

        Rita was born in Bethany, Oklahoma and currently lives in Denver, Colorado. Her inspiration for art started in 1984, Freshman year at Bishop McGuinness High School. Her Art teacher, Mr. McConnell set that stage and she is now stepping on that stage to be seen. In 1992 she became a Special Education teacher and taught for 8 years. From 1998-2000 she worked on an Art Endorsement to teach Art K-12. Unfortunate life events happened and she did not finish the last 7 hours for her Art Endorsement. In 2000 she studied to become an Esthetician and is currently still providing skin care services. In 2002, she moved to Colorado and became a Massage Therapist and has her own practice now after 10 years and continues to grow her massage therapy practice.

        Rita has always kept her sketch book and paint brushes and paints close by through these years. It wasn't until about two years ago that her art being somewhat of a self taught venture, started to come to life on stage. In the fall of 2012 she declared herself an artist and started to paint again. Now she cannot stop. She knows this is something that has to be done and shared with others. Rita is painting in a style that comes most naturally in this moment in time. Possibly expressionism or visionary realism could be her style? As she continues to create, her style will come and possibly change again and again according to what she is living.

   Her love for art represents her soul, love for mother nature, the universe, earth, spirit and this precious life. She is very active and enjoys yoga, meditation, trail running, hiking, dancing and biking.

As for this new stage Rita is standing on, she sold her first painting August 12, 2013. A day that will not be forgotten for her. "The best is yet to come."

       On May 5th 2014, she was written about in Denver Westword. You can see the article here.